Between Species: Focus on The Seeing Eye® Dog

Seeing Eye Byrne Seminar

The dog is considered man’s best friend, but when that dog performs a service, his role changes from pure companionship into his owner’s lifeline. The Byrne Seminar, Between Species: Focus on The Seeing Eye® Dog, studies the working dogs of the Seeing Eye® and their connection with blind owners who rely on their assistance for activities of daily life. With the guidance of instructor Professor Mary Nucci, and her experience raising puppies for the Seeing Eye®, students learn about the organization and the various jobs it's canines take on. The seminar also gets plenty of furry, four- legged visitors, from Rutgers’ very own Seeing Eye® Puppy Raising Club, to an actual search and rescue dog, Hera, who demonstrated her skills in class. All of these service dogs perform a great duty to us humans, and make our lives a little less ruff!