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Just in time for the summer and fall semesters, new Active Learning 101 sessions have been announced. These half day workshops are a great chance to learn how you can incorporate engaging teaching methods in to your classes that help students understand concepts, engage with ideas, and test their knowledge. Designed for those that are newer to active learning techniques or learning spaces, each session includes an overview of active learning principles, an opportunity to design a classroom activity, a discussion with experienced faculty, and an introduction to active learning rooms, technology, and support programs. While... Continued
This Spotlight article is part of the An Ecosystem for Learning series, in which we discuss spaces, programs, and people who are helping to create a university in which classrooms and courses are linked with other spaces and contexts, and students are encouraged to actively engage in the learning process--to create, collaborate, and innovate during their time at Rutgers. For many in the Rutgers community, the Raritan River is a scenic geographical feature to travel along and across in the course of our daily peregrinations. Some of us use the river and its adjacent parks and trails for recreation and exercise. What might not be as visible to the casual observer is the... Continued
Rutgers University is currently implementing new course scheduling software and, concurrently, establishing new scheduling practices. We held two town hall meetings in January of 2018 to explain the system to the university community. The presentation from the meetings explains the rationale for pursuing these changes, with a focus on the student experience and course-related bus travel. Currently, the Office of Scheduling and Space Management is conducting a series of trainings on how to use the system. Please contact us or check the Course Scheduling Sakai page for additional... Continued
Tillett 224
Tillett 224 is DCS's newest Synchronous Learning Space.  Our Synchronous Classrooms can be used to teach a class of students from a second location, enable students to participate remotely, or invite guest lecturers from around the world to speak with a class. Tillett 224's video conference equipment is designed to limit the feeling of distance between participants. Screens at the front of the room enable classes to view the presenter and their shared class materials side-by-side, using sightlines that have in-class and remote participants look at each other. Classroom cameras are capable of identifying speaking audience members and zooming in on them as they participate to... Continued
Art History 200
Art History Hall Room 200, on Cook/Douglass campus, is the latest Digital Classroom Services room to be upgraded. After receiving a Digital Classroom Podium, this space is one of 240 rooms that have received a new version of the Podium since the project's launch in 2012.  As a result, 86% of the general purpose classrooms we support have a Digital Classroom System, which also includes Digital Classroom Flip-Tops, Immersion Lecterns, and... Continued