This spring, Rutgers-New Brunswick takes a big step forward in how students attend class. With the introduction of two Synchronous Lecture Halls, students in ten courses were able to choose between two classrooms on two different campuses when registering for those classes. That is because these new lecture halls allow students and instructors in one room to see, hear, and interact with the people in the other classroom. Beginning in the fall, Wright Lab Auditorium on Busch and Loree Hall 024 on... Continued
Allison Road Classroom 105
DCS continues to upgrade Rutgers-New Brunswick classrooms with our new, standard system. Over winter break, three classroom were outfitted with new technology. Allison Road Classrooms 105 and 107 on Busch Campus are now equipped with Digital Classroom Podiums. Foran Hall 191, on Cook/Douglass, has been upgraded with a Digital Classroom Flip-Top, the small-room version of the podium. Both systems provide instructors with modern presentation and collaboration tools for their classes. ... Continued
Tillett 118
As you settle into the fall semester, don't forget to stop by a Digital Classroom Services workshop to learn more about classroom technology and how it can be used in your class. This semester's schedule focuses on two technologies that are new to Rutgers. In Student Engagement with Poll Everywhere, you can learn about a web-based student response system that DCS is piloting with Rutgers faculty. At Capturing Your Class with Kaltura, you can learn about how new software available to the Rutgers... Continued
Lucy Stone Hall B123
  This past summer, DCS's Build Team upgraded the presentation technology in 42 Rutgers-New Brunswick classrooms. Older presentation systems in classrooms on each campus were replaced with brand-new podiums and table-based systems. Various classrooms in the Pond Science and Engineering Resource Center, Frelinghuysen, Hickman, Food Science, Loree, Food Science, Ruth Adams, and Lucy Stone Hall are now equipped with Digital Classroom Podiums... Continued
AB 4400
Following up on this summer's launch of Tillett 204, there are now three more exciting Active Learning Spaces at Rutgers-New Brunswick. The brand-new Rutgers Academic Building is home to two state-of-the-art Active Learning Classrooms and our first Interactive Lecture Hall. The Active Learning Classrooms in rooms 4400 and 4450 employ a similar design as our... Continued