Between Digital Classroom Services and the Active Learning Community, there are several opportunities to develop your teaching this spring. At Solstice Screen Sharing, Capturing Your Class with Kaltura, DCS Technology Training, and Intro to Macs - you can learn how to leverage classroom technology to enhance the classroom experience.  At our various ALC workshops, you can explore ways to engage your students through active learning techniques.  Finally, at our Active Learning Symposium, you can take a deep dive into collaborative learning through the day's presentations, workshops, and discussions. For more information and to register, click on a session below.... Continued
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The Active Learning Community is now accepting presentation proposals for this May's Symposium. In addition to a keynote presentation from visiting scholar Kimberly Tanner, this May 15th all-day event will highlight presentations from member of the Rutgers and larger high education communities sharing their research, experiences, and use of active learning. Faculty and staff at Rutgers and beyond are invited to submit ideas for presentations, workshops, poster sessions, and panel discussions. The days sessions will be organized along four tracks: research topics, practioner track, technology track, and special topics.  Visit the proposal page for more... Continued
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A new video chronicles the exciting ways that John Kerrigan, Adjunct Faculty with Mathematics, uses various active learning techniques in his Calculus II class. In this video John details his use of think-pair-share activities and peer teaching to get his students to directly engage with class content and one another. His students, sitting in group tables, utilize tablet and wall whiteboards to work through... Continued
The Digital Classroom Services fall workshop schedule has been announced and includes four sessions. After debuting in the summer, the Solstice workshop will be repeated. Solstice is a method of wirelessly displaying images from laptop, phone, and tablets that enables instructors and students to present and collaborate. DCS is also reprising its workshop on Kaltura, an online tool that can be used to record in-class lectures and share them with students. Finally, instructors can prepare for their spring classes by attending... Continued
During the summer, Digital Classroom Services installed new classroom systems in twenty-five classrooms. Learning spaces on each of the New Brusnwick campuses were outfitted with Digital Classroom Systems, our new, classroom standard. This round of installations saw many of the University's largest and most frequently used auditoriums receive... Continued