Active Learning Boot Camp Save-the-Date
Mark May 16th on your calendar as a big day for active learning at Rutgers. As we prepare to introduce brand new active learning classrooms, the Boot Camp is a day for faculty who will be using  these and other spaces to develop plans for using active learning in their courses. Join us for talks and discussions with national leaders in active learning. Attend workshops on course redesign, active learning technology, and other topics designed to help you retool your course. Learn about Rutgers' new active learning spaces and the various resources available to faculty. Most importantly, come share your plan for active learning with other faculty tackling this exciting approach to learning.... Continued
Attendees at the ALC Open House
Thanks to everyone who attended the Active Learning Community Open House on October 23. We had a great discussion in which we shared our ideas for active learning at Rutgers and learned a lot about what faculty would like to see in new classrooms. The Open House was a kick off of what will be a fruitful collaboration between DCS, Scheduling, the Learning Centers, and faculty with the goal of furthering active learning on the New Brunswick campuses. We have collated and shared the feedback on classrooms from the Open House with the classroom architects so that they be... Continued
Treasury of the Syphnians frieze
Attendance at lectures has become optional for students in John Kenfield's Introduction to Art History course. Students still have to attend recitation every week, but they have had the option of viewing voiced-over lecture slides online when they have time, rather than physically showing up to twice-a-week lectures. Part of the reason for the new arrangement is that enrollments had been falling in Kenfield's course, even though he has several teaching awards to his credit. Providing more flexibility helped avoid registration conflicts with other courses, and it also gives students the option of reducing their travel to campus. When Kenfield first introduced the change in the Fall of 2013... Continued
Student leading a study group
This Spotlight article is part of the An Ecosystem for Learning series, in which we discuss spaces, programs, and people who are helping to create a university in which classrooms and courses are linked with other spaces and contexts, and students are encouraged to actively engage in the learning process, and to create, collaborate, and innovate during their time at Rutgers. The Learning Assistant Program, a partnership between the Rutgers Learning Centers, the Math and Science Learning Center, and several academic departments, is one exciting way in which Rutgers is moving towards a university-wide learning ecosystem. Learning assistants (LAs) are... Continued
Honors College Under Construction
The New Brunswick campuses are curently the site of numerous construction projects, many of which will contain classrooms and other new spaces for learning, including seminar rooms, study areas, and other collaboration-oriented spaces.  The new Honors College building is being built on the block bounded by Seminary Place to the south and George Street to the east. The facility will be the home of the brand new Rutgers Honors College, which opens in the Fall of 2015, providing a venue for some of the very best students to live, learn, and build a community. This new, multidisciplinary effort will also offer students a range of social and cultural programming and is being designed to provide... Continued