A Note From the Director

Hello, and welcome to the Rutgers University-New Brunswick Office of Scheduling and Space Management. I'm excited for you to look around our web site. You will see that we remain focused on our crucial everyday tasks–course, exam, and event scheduling, and managing and analyzing space data for all of our square footage.

I hope you also notice two new endeavors. First, we are taking steps to identify and promote a university-wide learning ecosystem that fuses classrooms and coursework with a host of other spaces and intellectual, artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial activities. Second, we are helping to link faculty and instructors with teaching resources, not just in the form of classrooms, but also instructional design and technology consulting and training. Behind the scenes, we are working to better schedule courses in a way that reduces student bussing, gets students in the courses they need and want, and deploys our classroom space as efficiently as possible.

These new efforts are part of our contribution to Rutgers at an exciting time. We've witnessed the integration of legacy Rutgers schools with the former University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and our entry into the Big 10 and–just as significantly–into its academic and administrative counterpart, the Big Ten Academic Alliance. We also have a new university strategic plan and a physical master plan that provide a framework for major changes over the next decade and beyond.

On a broader level, the higher education system is facing trends that might seem dizzying and daunting. I think they're better seen as opportunities to provide education in more effective, affordable, and exciting ways. Even though it's easier to point to places where we are frustrated or wish we were doing better, the fact is that Rutgers has always accommodated diversity and exhibited flexibility on many fronts. If we can capitalize on our capacity, and our responsibility, to do this, then I think we have a great chance to achieve many of our ambitions.

I want to close by saying that we encourage you to reach out to us for any reason. The staff here is well-known around the university for its professionalism, dedication, and friendliness. In fact, as a recent customer service survey confirms, that assessment is probably too modest. But give us a call and see for yourself.


Chris Morett