2018 Best Poster Winners Announced

Thanks to the efforts of Rutgers graduate students, staff, and corporate judges, the Aresty Research Center evaluates the poster presentations at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

This year the top posters were chosen from three broad categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We have awarded three prizes in STEM this year due to the high quality and excellent work of the students. We’re excited to announce our winners for 2018. Congratulations to these Best Posters and Honorable Mentions from the 14th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!


Jessica Fitzner and Thea Popko
Emmy Hennings: Annotaed Anthology
Advisor: Nicola Behrmann, German

Social Sciences

Celine LaBelle and Kayla Zambrana
Breat Cancer and Physical Environmental Characteristics
Advisor: Jesse Plascak, Epidemiology


Bailey Warder
The Role of the Mechanosensitive Cation Channel, PIEZO1, in Intestinal Epithelial Homeostasis
Advisor: Michael Verzi, Genetics


Michael Vinciguerra
Soft Robotics and 3-D Printing
Advisor: Aaron Mazzeo, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Yufu Wang
Big Data Analytics for Osteoarthritis
Advisor: Weihong Guo, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Honorable Mention: Humanities

Massimo Guglietta and Claudia Lee
Walking Through Italian Literature and Film
Advisor: Andrea Baldi


Anjanette Vaidya and Sciatta Padmore
'Homeplace': Black Teachers and the Space of the Mathematics Classroom
Advisor: Dan Battey

Danielle Roman
The Military's Other War: Venereal Disease & World War ll
Advisor: Leslie Fishbein


Honorable Mention: Social Sciences

Ryan Smith-Cooper
Chemical Diagenesis and Its Archaeological Implications at the Middle Paleolithic Site of El Salt (Alicante, Spain), Stratigraphic Unit Xb
Advisor: Dan Cabanes

Christiaan Bedrij-Arpa
A Study of Lobbying in Renewable Energy Policy
Advisor: Rachael Shwom

Michael Nanchanatt, Fatima Naqvi, Amy Nguyen and Mittal Patel
Bank Supervision: Assessing Examiner Effectiveness
Advisor: Eugene White

Kyra Frank
Predicting Consumption of Food, Energy, and Water
Advisor: Rachael Shwom

Honorable Mention: STEM

Eman Ahmed
Investigating Lipid Bilayer Rupture Using Computer Simulation
Advisor: Alexander Neimark
Aparna Anand
Effect of Inverted Duplication Events in the Salivary Glands of the Fruit Fly D. auraria on Genome Organization
Advisor: Christopher Ellison
Nathiyah Asokan
Blocking Orexin-1 Receptor Signaling Reverses Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia
Advisor: Jennifer Catuzzi Fragale
Zachary Billingham
Heat Transfer Analysis for Solar Energy Distribution in Windows
Advisor: Zhixiong Guo
Sean Connelly
Analyzing the effect of Msc1 on the metaphase to anaphase transition during mitosis in fission yeast
Advisor: Nancy Walworth
Eda Fenercioglu
Optimizing U1 Adaptor Oligonucleotide Gene Silencing Potency via the AXS Scaffold Protein
Advisor: Samuel Gunderson
Lucas Hanson
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanoparticle Re-entrainment by Fluid-Fluid Interfaces and Its Application to Transport in the Vadose Zone
Advisor: German Drazer
Sean Ilg
Characterization of Gelatin Viscosity and Gelation Kinetics Using Allura Red as a Fluorophore
Advisor: Richard Ludescher
Partth Laad
Modeling the Dynamics of a Shopping Cart with a Caster Assembly and Frictional Effects
Advisor: Haim Baruh
Sanjana Mamidi
Western Blotting E13 (Prenatal VPA)
Advisor: George Wagner
Neil Patel
Cholinergic Receptor Regulation as a Mechanism of Learning-Induced Plasticity in the Auditory Pathway
Advisor: Katarzyna Bieszczad
Joseph Yunga Tigre
The Developmental Effects of DEHP and DINP on Anogenital Distance, Body Weight, and Pubertal Age in Females
Advisor: Aparna Zama
Yakun Wang
Variability in the Indication of Catheterization in Patients with Unspecified Chest Pain
Advisor: Javier Cabrera
Zhaohan Yan
New Jersey Water Utility Rate Survey and Analysis
Advisor: Daniel J. Van Abs