Business Rockafeller Road 1095

System Icon Room Type: Auditorium   Chair Icon Seating Capacity: 441
System Icon System:   Wireless Icon Internet: RUWireless
Screen Icon Screen Type: 2 Electric Screens   Screen Icon Screen Operation: System Screen Control
Chair Icon Student Chair Type: Fixed   Pencil Icon Student Writing Surface: Tablet Arm Chair - Moveable
Chalkboard Icon Board Type: Whiteboard   Chalkboard Icon Number of Boards: 3
Lightbulb Icon Blackboard Lights: Yes   Lightbulb Icon Lighting Control Location: Side Wall
Power Icon Instructor Power Outlet Location: System   Outlet Icon Outlets for Students: No
Handicap Accessibility Icon Handicap Accessibility: Yes   Listening Assist Icon Hearing Assistance System: Yes
Elevator Icon Elevator Access to Classroom Floor: Yes (or Ground Floor)   Entrace Icon Entrance Location: Side of Room
Floor Type Icon Floor Type: Tiered & Carpeted   Surround Sound Icon Surround Sound: No
Lightbulb Icon Lighting Motion Sensor: Yes   Additional Icon Specific Items:

brr-1095 system photo - thumbnail image brr-1095 system photo - thumbnail image

This classroom contains all standard instructional hardware and software, including projection. This classroom is supported by the Rutgers Business School's Office of Technology and Instructional Services. Vsit them online or call 848-445-0430.

Campus: Livingston

Address: 100 Rockafeller Road Piscataway NJ 08854-8040