Connect With People

At Rutgers, innovative people are at every turn. Some of them are involved in academic programs well-known for creating ideas and objects, such as Engineering and Mason Gross School of the Arts. Many others are not enrolled in such academic programs, yet their capacity for creative and innovative activity is very much alive. Keep your eye out, brainstorm, and work with others who are not in the same major or school as you, and see what the diversity of Rutgers helps you come up with. There are also extracurricular groups that are oriented toward creative activities and projects. Groups Focused on Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

The Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates isn't a student group, per se, but rather a research center that helps undergraduate students learn about the process of research, identify faculty mentors or projects, define research goals, seek project funding, and present their findings to the university and the general public.

Enactus is the Rutgers chapter of the international non-profit organization that aims to bring together student, academic, and business leaders interested in using entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and living standards for populations in need.

The Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society This group frequently run speaker series, workshops, and other dynamic events to spur creativity beginning with students and extending to the greater New Brunswick area.

Knight Time Productions is a student group that produces original television and film programming. The group offers training and production opportunities. Email them at

RuMAD (Rutgers Mobile App Development) sponsors mobile app meetups. Bi-weekly events include speakers, workshops, and student demos and pitches. In addition to regular workshops and networking events, RuMAD co-organizes the RU Tech Meetup, a semesterly event organized by all major tech organizations on campus. The event features more than 200 students, alumni speakers, and demos.

The Rutgers Makerspace in on Livingston Campus. Makerspaces are creative laboratories where individuals with common interests such as engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, and others-gather to share resources and knowledge, network, and build things. A makerspace is also a great place for people with less technical knowledge to meet up with more tech-oriented folks to discuss turning a concept into reality.

Rutgers Phi Beta Lamba is the local chapter of a national organization of students preparing for careers in business and business-oriented careers. Rutgers PBL student compete attend conferences and compete in several national competitions for various business-related topics.

The Screenwriters Community of RU provides support and feedback for students interested in, or working on, screenplays. Email the group at

The Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists is a computer science interest group that organizes tutoring sessions, hacker hours, and a mentorship program. USACS also helps run the RU Tech Meetup and it organizes HackRU, a major 24-hour hackahon held each semester at Rutgers.

The Rutgers Venture Capital Club aims to provide members with educational and career opportunities in the venture capital/private equity industry. RUVC hosts various events and helps connect members to networks of others in, and interested in, the field.

Verbal Mayhem is a poetry, spoken word, and performance collective that hosts open mic nights and other events.

A full list of Rutgers student groups is also available.