Connect with Spaces

The spaces discussed here provide a slew of resources for creating and innovating. They also provide a physical location where you can get to know others with similar interests. There are also various Rutgers groups where you might make connections.

The C.A.S.T.L.E.
(Connecting, Advising, and Serving Tomorrow's Leaders in Entreperneurship)

Focus: Working and meeting space for innovation- and entrepreneurship-oriented students and groups
Description: This venue offers meeting rooms, co-working areas, a game room, and a scenic porch, among other spaces. Focusing on attracting students from all disciplines, the C.A.S.T.L.E. is also home to meetings of groups including Enactus, the international social entrepreneurship organization, and the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society. Various other special events are also held in the space.
Location: The Lipman Learning House, 71 Lipman Drive, Cook Campus. The closest bus stop is the Lipman Hall stop, which is served by the EE, F, REXB, and REXL routes.

The C.A.V.E.
(Collaborative Academic Virtual Environment)
Focus: Working and meeting space for computer science and programming/coding-oriented students, although many of the projects discussed here extend beyond computer science. There is also a maker space here.
Description: The space is attached to the Computer Science department's instructional labs and is designed to provide a place for student collaboration and group work. The space contains computers, couches, chairs, whiteboards, gaming systems, and a large-screen monitor for presentations and gaming, The C.A.V.E. is also the unofficial home of the Rutgers Undergraduate Association of Computer Scientists, the Rutgers Women in Computer Science club, the Rutgers Linux Users Group, and the Rutgers Creation of Games Society (COGS). Drop into the space, or visit for one of its regularly scheduled activities, such as the weekly hacker hour.
Location: Hill Center, room 252, Busch Campus. The closest bus stop is the Hill Center stop, which is served by the A, B, C, H, and REXB busses.

Rutgers Ecological Preserve and Natural Teaching Area
Focus: Ecological and habitat observation and study, as well as recreation
Description: The preserve is a 316-acre expanse of forest and woodland, containing numerous species of wildlife and wetlands. A network of trails provides access to hikers, bikers, and anyone interested in observing the ecosystem.
Location: Livingston Campus. The closest bus stop is the Quads stop on Livingston Campus, serviced by the B, LX, and REXL routes.

Fordham Lab
Focus: Digital Filmmaking and Making/Fabricating
Description: The lab is comprised of the lab classroom and the open Fordham Commons. It offers a variety of software and hardware resources for digital filmaking. The Fordham Commons also houses the FabLab, which contains two 3D printers and related resources. Some classes are held in the classroom lab, but it is open to the general population at all other times. Visit the web site for hours and other information.
Location: Douglass Library, Douglass Campus. The closest bus stop is the Cabaret Theater stop if you're arriving to the Douglass Campus and the College Hall stop if you are departing the campus. Both are serviced by the EE, F, and REXB, and REXL routes.

Rutgers Makerspace
Focus: Cooperative workspace to teach and assist with design and manufacturing on software and machines for students of any skill level
Description: The Makerspace is a collaborative workshop open to students, faculty, and staff from all academic areas. It provides the knowledge, tools, and workspace to enable the design and production of any idea someone brings to us using 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, sewing and embroidery, electronics, and more. The Makerspace encourages skill building and making at all levels, from starting out at the basics and making customized gifts for friends and family, to furthering development of research projects across Rutgers and helping to encourage entrepreneurship and product development initiatives. The Makerspace is a place to learn something new - it can be as challenging as you'd like.
Location: 35 Berrue Circle, Livingston Campus (just east of the Livingston Gym). The closest bus stop to this space is the Quads stop, which is serviced by the B, LX, and REXL routes.