BEST Computing Center

B.E.S.T. Computer Lab close up

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The BEST lab is located inside the BEST (which stands for Busch Science, Engineering, and Technology) West Residence Hall on the Busch Campus. The lab itself is often used by Engineering classes during the day, but there's an anteroom with a scanner, and color and black and white printers that is available at all times. The computers are available for general use in the evenings, and during the day when class is not being held. The lab features Mac computers, projection capability from the desktops or laptops, many power outlets, and an interactive “SMART” board. Information is available on hours and remote printing, as are real-time updates on computer vacancies (click on the room numbers underneath where it says "Site Map").

Directions via bus: The nearest bus stops are the Buell Apartments stop, which is serviced by the A and H routes, and the Busch Campus Center stop, which is serviced by the A, B and H routes.

Busch, Engineering, Science and Technology (B.E.S.T) Hall
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Computer Lab
Computers (Mac)
Power Outlets
Printer (B&W)
Printer (Color)