Busch Student Center

The Busch Student Center is a main hub of the Busch Campus. This space contains a number of different study rooms, lounges, open seating and outdoor areas. The Center's various rooms offer vibrant communal space as well as peaceful solitary areas. The building houses a food court, which has its own entry in this database. The student center's spaces  also include The Cove, which is one of several enclosed rooms, as well as the International Lounge, which offers soft seating in an open setting. With its central location, the Busch Student Center is an ideal place to meet, work, or take a break between classes.

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Directions via bus: The closest bus stop is the Busch Student Center stop, which is serviced by the A, B, and H routes. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.




Busch Student Center

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Open Space
Outdoor Area
Study Room