Cook Student Center

Cook Student Center Food Court Seating

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The Cook Student Center (848-932-7617) is located in a tree-filled setting on the Cook Campus, across from the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center and Skelly Field. The building has table-and-chair and soft seating, a computer lab, and a grill/convenience store next to a tables in a small food court-type arrangement. The computer lab is located on the second floor and contains Macs, PCs, scanners, and black-and-white and color printing. Information on lab hours, remote printing, and real-time updates on computer vacancies at the lab (click on the room numbers underneath where it says "Site Map") are available.

Directions via bus: The closest bus stop is the Biel Road stop, which is serviced by the EE and F busses. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.

Cook Student Center
Seating Capacity: 
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Food Court
Open Space
Outdoor Area
Computers (Mac)
Computers (PC)
Power Outlets
Printer (B&W)
Printer (Color)