Douglass Student Center

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The Douglass Student Center (848-932-9374) offers a number of different seating options. In addition to the Food Court area and outdoor seating, the student center has everything from tables and chairs to fireside soft seating. There is also a computing center in the building with Macs, PCs, scanning, and black-and-white printing--including remote printing options. Real-time information is available on how many computers are open (click on the room numbers underneath where it says "Site Map").

Directions via bus: The closest bus stop if you are arriving at Douglass is the Cabaret Theater stop. The closest stop if you are travelling to another campus is the College Hall stop. Both are served by the EE, F, REXL, REXB routes. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.




Douglass Student Center

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Computer Lab
Food Court
Outdoor Area
Study Area
Study Room


Computers (Mac)
Computers (PC)
Power Outlets
Printer (B&W)