Kilmer Library

Kilmer Library Table and Chair Seating

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Kilmer Library (848-445-3613) is located on the Livingston Campus. It contains an open seating area, a computer lab area, and 10 group study rooms ranging from four to eight seats. Information on remote printing to the computer lab, as well as real-time updates on computer vacancies (click on the room numbers underneath where it says "Site Map"), are available. Some of the library's group study rooms can be reserved. Otherwise, they are available on a first-come, first served basis. Reserve by calling or visiting the circulation desk. For a complete list of group study spaces within the Rutgers University Libraries, click here. Library hours change throughout the year, with some library facilities open around the clock during finals.

Directions via bus: The closest bus stop is the Livingston Student Center stop, which is served by the B, LX, and REXL routes. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.

Kilmer Library
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