Library of Science and Medicine

The Library of Science and Medicine (848-445-3854), on the Busch Campus, has an array of seating choices, many of which look out on one of Busch Campus's academic quads. The LSM houses a number of quiet study areas and three group study rooms on the third floor, featuring capacities of six, 10, and 12, respectively. The computer lab is on the second floor and offers Macs, PCs, and black and white printing. Information is available on remote printing. Note that hours vary through the year. There is a 24-hour schedule in some library facilities during final exams. A complete list of group study spaces within the Rutgers University Libraries is also available. Some of these rooms can be booked online.

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Directions via bus: The closest bus stop is the Library of Science and Medicine stop, serviced by the A, B, C, H, and REXB routes. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.




Library of Science and Medicine

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