Mabel Smith Douglass Library

The Mabel Smith Douglass Library (848-932-9411) on the Douglass Campus features various types of furniture in different settings. Many of them look out on the picturesque ravine behind the library or the fields, trees, and the historic buildings of Douglass Campus. The library houses three group study rooms ranging from five to 10 seats. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis, unless reserved. To do so, call or visit the circulation desk. The library is also home to the Sharon A. Fordham Multimedia Resource Laboratory, which offers various resources for multimedia projects by student, faculty, and staff. Classes are sometimes held in the Fordham Lab, but it is otherwise open to the university community.

Hours of operation vary through the year, including a 24-hour schedule in some library facilities during final exams. A complete list of group study spaces within the Rutgers University Libraries is also available. Some of these rooms can be booked online.

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Directions via bus: The closest bus stop if you are arriving at the Douglass Campus is the Cabaret Theater stop. If you are departing Douglass, the closest stop is the College Hall stop. Both stops are serviced by the EE, F, REXB, and REXL routes. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.




Mabel Smith Douglass Library

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