Tillett Hall Lobby

As part of a major 2012-2013 classroom construction project that transformed a former Livingston Campus dining hall and post office into 16 new classrooms with over 1,000 seats, the Tillett Hall lobby was outfitted as a comfortable and convenient study spot for students. The lobby features various types of seating, including soft chairs and benches and café-style high-top seating. There is also additional soft and high-top seating in the second floor corridor. This space is conveniently located near the Livingston Learning Center, whose entrance faces the lobby, and the Tillett computer lab, which is a few short steps away and offers black and white and color printing and scanning.

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Directions via bus: The closest bus stops are the Livingston Student Center stop and the Quads stop, both of which are served by the B, LX, and REXL routes. Check bus schedule changes during Summer and Winter semesters and other breaks.




Tillett Hall

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