Other Instructional Resources

Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnership Program

The Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnership Program connects faculty and students with local,state, and national community organizations. For example, students in Health Issues in the African American Community have the option of going to a volunteer site including local hospitals and health clinics, to observe first-hand real-world examples of the issues they discuss in class.

Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services provides information on accommodating students who might need special arrangements related to classrooms, technology, and other course-related activities and requirements. Instructors who need accommodations for themselves can contact human resources.

Digital Classroom Services

Digital Classroom Services designs, installs, and supports technology in general purpose classrooms.  For rapid response service, call the Help Desk at 848-445-3612. DCS supports a variety of special technology-based functions, including voice amplification and video chat with remote locations. DCS also provides training on their technology podiums as well as on technology-enhanced instruction.

Rutgers Learning Centers

The Rutgers Learning Centers will help you set up tutoring, study groups, workshops and academic coaching. They also consult on instructional design and maintain reserved materials for STEM courses. See our page on instructional design resources to learn more about the RLC's Learning Assistant program.


There are a number of spaces around Rutgers oriented toward student creativity and innovation. Some of these provide resources that might be utilized for course-related projects and experiences.