Educational Media Production: Module 1

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 11:00am to 11:45am
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This online session is offered by the Office of Instructional & Research Technology. Click here to register. As OIRT writes, "The objective of this webinar series, "Educational Media Production", is offer an overall understanding of the demands and processes of digital media production, helping educators and instructional support staff interested in (or tasked with) producing content become better prepared and more aware of the resources, practices, and tools available. By exploring real-world, local, and contemporary examples of educational media production we hope to inspire and inform those seeking to learn more about integrating digital media into pedagogy and course design processes.

"Specifically, we will be highlighting the 3 specific production phases. Module 1: "Planning" (or Pre-Production): A crucial step in which we identify the goals for the digital media materials and determine what formats best suit the course and objectives. Collaboratively, we begin to craft materials or compositions that will guide, promote or reinforce course subject material and instruction. This step relies on adapting the instructor’s content to a medium that won’t dilute the subject but instead enhance and help to further engage students and viewers. We will also discuss the creating treatments, storyboards, scripts and preparations for the production in this module."