Rutgers McNair Goes to Massachusetts !

In a few sincere words, McNair scholar, Isamar Hernandez, recalls the impactful Rutgers McNair sponsored Graduate School Tour between September 13, 2015-September 15, 2015 that took place just a few weeks ago. Hernandez stated, “A trip out of the state with people who share the same goal as I do, is already a recipe for a successful few days; this combined with all of the new connections and experiences we had the opportunity to create, made last week’s trip a highlight to my year.” Hernandez, along with eight other McNair scholars, were given the opportunity to travel to Massachusetts in hopes of finding their dream graduate schools. After visiting Boston University, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the scholars could picture the potential opportunities away from home.

Scholar, Kesia Sommerville, described the importance of what she took away from the trip stating, “Prior to attending the trip, I knew that I had to stand out to admissions, but I did not know how to go about doing so. The faculty, staff, and students at each school helped me to see what was important- letters of recommendation, personal statements, and research experience. Although each school had different styles and priorities, it was beneficial to learn how to tailor my applications to multiple institutions.” Besides learning how to effectively market themselves to graduate school admission staff and faculty, and how to obtain graduate funding; the scholars also increased their cultural capital through experiencing the Boston cuisine and culture. According to scholar Mercedez Ruiz, the scholars were even able to identify what they did not want in a graduate school. Ruiz stated, “I went into some schools thinking that the school would be a good fit for me, but left thinking the opposite. While I felt sad, I felt a greater sense of relief because I had a better idea of what I wanted in a school!” Overall, the graduate school tour of Massachusetts was definitely an eye-opening, enjoyable, and inspiring experience for the McNair Scholars.

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