Upward Bound Scholars attend The Black Men's Collective's annual "United As One" Banquet

On Sunday November 1, 2015, four senior scholars and Mr. Hughes were invited to The Black Men Collective’s annual “United as One” Banquet. The banquet highlighted the interaction and dialogue among African American males’ academic and life issues. This year’s theme focused on college retention, academic success and economic empowerment. Scholars had the opportunity to interact with University faculty, staff and Alumni as they shared their unique college experiences as well as provided techniques to navigate success.

Read a student reflection below:

“I thought the BMC event was really great. From the organization to the explanation of how all these various groups have allowed for there to be positive changes for African Americans everywhere. All those positive influences allowed me to know that there are differences made every day. From this experience I received knowledge on how to continue being myself and contributing my own advancements and that shows that I am also contributing to the cause”.

Omankeh Samura 12th Grade UBMS Scholar