Traveling to New Brunswick

Old Queens Building Behind RevolUtionary Sculpture

If you need advice on travel, particularly ground transportation, please feel free to call us and we will give you a personalized assessment based on the day and time of your arrival and departure.

Air travel

If you are flying, it will most likely make great sense for you to fly into Newark Liberty International Airport. Flying into either John F. Kennedy or LaGuardia Airports would entail significantly more time and expense to get to New Brunswick. It might also be worth it to check out flights on Frontier Airlines into the Trenton-Mercer Airport. In general, Newark is a better option than Trenton, but if the flights into and out of Newark have issues with availability, departure times, or cost, then this gives you a backup option.

The other benefit of landing at Newark is that it will give you an up-close view of North Jersey's amazing tract of massive infrastructure installations in all its majestic enormity. Maligned by many for its ugliness, and almost singlehandedly the cause of all New Jersey jokes, this swath of transportation, shipping, energy, and logistics facilities that power a region and a nation will surely be appreciated by HEFMA members. If you can, request a window seat on the left side of the plane for the best view of all this, not to mention the possibility (if you land facing south) an outstanding view of Manhattan--and the other four boroughs, if you know where to look.

Ground transportation from Newark

Car service from Newark to New Brunswick should cost about $60 each way not including tip and tolls. The trip takes, without traffic, about 30 minutes and most likely will ensure you a ride on the New Jersey Turnpike, a road so important that it's been memorialized in song. If not, then you'll come down Route 1-9 which has also, of course, been memorialized in song.

New Jersey Transit train service between Newark Airport and New Brunswick costs $15.25 each way. You have to take the continuously operating Air Train from the airport to connect to the New Jersey Transit station, where you buy your ticket and head downstairs to one of the southbound train platforms. Be careful about what train you get on, as they do not all go to New Brunswick. Total travel time is about 10 to 15 minutes waiting for and then taking the AirTrain, and about 30 minutes on the train to New Brunswick. This does not count the time you spend waiting for the next train, which could be as much as 45 minutes if you just miss certain trains. To gauge how much time you will have to wait, visit the New Jersey Transit web site. Once you arrive in New Brunswick, it is a five-block walk to the Heldrich Hotel.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you get off at the main New Brunswick Station, and not the Jersey Avenue Station. As long as you know to do this and pay attention, it won't be too confusing. The New Brunswick Station is before the Jersey Avenue Station if you're coming from Newark, and some trains don't even stop at the latter. Likewise, in the other direction, be sure to get off at the Newark Airport Station and not Newark Penn Station, which is one stop later when heading north.

Ground transportation from Trenton-Mercer Airport

Car service from the airport to New Brunswick should cost about $100 each way not counting tip and tolls.

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