5th Annual Black Doctoral Network Conference 2017

McNair scholars Misty Branch, Jessica Dufort, Loriana Hines, Amelo Bacchus, and Ja'wana Wilson presented at the 5th Annual Black Doctoral Network Conference 2017 held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 26-28, 2017.

Scholar Misty Branch explained how beneficial the conference was to her through the following testimony:

"The Black Doctoral Network Conference has been one of the most influential experiences I have had in my undergraduate career. Immersing myself in the presence of Black individuals that either have a doctoral degree or working towards one has had a major influence on my graduate school plans. What I truly appreciated about this conference was the ability to have open conversations regarding race and prejudice in academia, and how it is affecting me. I was comfortable enough to share my own experience without feeling as though no one understood where I was coming from. This was an opportunity to gain insight into other doctoral students’ experiences and ways to navigate prejudice, racism, and micro aggressions in graduate school. I am thankful that I was able to engage with a host of exceptional people at the annual conference".