Active Learning workshops are designed to help faculty tackle collaborative, interactive, and other engaging teaching techniques. Our first fall gathering will feature a repeat of a popular workshop from the 2018 Active Learning Symposium. This session, led by Rachel Kremen from the School of Communication and Information, will help guests add the Three Es – Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement – to their classroom using traditional games. We’ll show you how to take your learning objectives and create custom games, in order to improve learning outcomes, increase student participation and build... continued
Open House
In this collaborative workshop, veterans and those new to active learning will have an opportunity to focus on a specific challenge or issue that they are facing in their teaching and build solutions.  Attendees are invited to come with a specific challenge in mind. We will then guide you through the d.School’s framework for design thinking, using the 5-step process of empathy, defining, ideation, prototyping, and testing.  Attendees will work in pairs to address each other’s challenges by offering new perspectives, ideas, and solutions. Partners will be able to present suggested solutions to each other and give feedback in order to refine the... continued