Meet the Staff

Our overall mission is to help provide Rutgers University-New Brunswick with the space resources it needs to succeed in its research, teaching, and service endeavors. To do this, we schedule courses, exams and events; help plan changes, upgrades, and additions to our classroom stock; and track and analyze space usage beyond classrooms. We are also a key part of the Rutgers Active Learning Community, which connects instructors with resources that can be used to redesign and enhance their courses. We are guided by the concept of an Ecosystem for Learning, which recognizes that spaces, courses and other forms of programming and content, technology, and networks of individuals and groups form a unified landscape upon which the student intellectual and developmental experience occurs.

Our course scheduling staff work closely with departments to gather and validate course information and classroom requests in advance of the creation of the course schedule. Once the schedule is created, the staff works with departments to gather feedback and change requests. The staff also manages the Master Course List, changes to prerequisites, and course notes, and works with the Office of Disability Services to ensure student accessibility. Our space management staff work with all academic and administrative units in New Brunswick to track changes in space usage and assignments, perform space audits and verification in conjunction with university budgeting as well as upon the request of academic and administrative units, and conduct analysis of space usage. Our exam and event staff works with a broad range of faculty, staff, and student groups to ensure our general purpose classrooms are best used for these important university functions.

Staff list

Chris Morett, Director
Amy Brainard, Associate Director
Maria St. George, Assistant Director for Exams and Events
Kamini Chopra, Senior Scheduling Officer
Joy Montuoro, Senior Scheduling Officer
Beth Nehlsen, Senior Scheduling Officer
Jackie Steadman, Senior Scheduling Officer
Gina Connors, Senior Scheduling Analyst
Giselle Sena, Space Planning Analyst
Heather Finer, Event Scheduling Manager
Kassandra Galarza, Event Scheduling Manager