Rutgers–New Brunswick is striving to make the transition to CourseAtlas as smooth as possible for all course scheduling stakeholders.

Please review the information below to learn more about the resources that are available as part of the CourseAtlas project.

Current Information and Calendar

The most up-to-date information about CourseAtlas and the entire course scheduling process can be found in the OASIS - Academic Scheduling and Instructional Space Canvas site.

For access to the Canvas site, CourseAtlas, and all other course scheduling-related systems, please fill out this OASIS Systems Access Form.

Training Sessions

The Office of Academic Scheduling and Instructional Space offers training sessions to new and experienced CourseAtlas users. Below please find information about the types of training sessions that we offer. If you are a departmental faculty administrator or scheduling staff member and you have not yet attended a full CourseAtlas training (or had a one-on-one training session with your Scheduling Analyst), please contact your Scheduling Analyst for more information.

Full CourseAtlas Training (3 hours)

The Full CourseAtlas Training covers all aspects of the scheduling process within CourseAtlas and associated systems.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who will be working in CourseAtlas to create the course schedule.
  • Anyone new to course scheduling who will be creating a course schedule.

Curricular Planning Tools Training (2 hours)

The Curricular Planning Tools Training provides an in-depth look at the tools available to create your course schedule, including Scheduling Groups, Course Combinations, Academic Blocks, and Scheduling Ties. This session alone does not grant access to CourseAtlas for scheduling.

Who should attend?

  • Faculty administrators who would like a theoretical view of the curricular tools available in CourseAtlas. (Please note: Faculty administrators who will also be using CourseAtlas for departmental scheduling should attend the Full CourseAtlas Training, but may attend the Curricular Training for additional details on the tools available.)

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