Academic Calendar

Academic calendars for some units may differ from the calendar below. More information is available from the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A ScarletApps version of the main Rutgers University calendar is also available. Visit the site, log in, and look for the "Rutgers Academic Calendar."

Event   2019-2020 2020-2021
Fall Semester Begins   Tuesday, September 3 Tuesday, September 1
Regular Saturday Classes Start   Saturday, September 7 Saturday, September 5
Changes in Designation
of Class Days
  Tuesday, November 26
(Thursday Classes)
 Tuesday, September 8
(Monday Classes)
  Wednesday, November 27
(Friday Classes)
Wednesday, November 25
(Friday Classes)
Thanksgiving Recess   Thursday, November 28 -
Sunday, December 1
Thursday, November 26 -
Sunday, November 29
Regular Classes End   Wednesday, December 11 Thursday, December 10
Reading Days   Thursday, December 12
Friday, December 13
Friday, December 11
Monday, December 14
Fall Exams Begin   Monday, December 16 Tuesday, December 15
Fall Exams End   Monday, December 23 Tuesday, December 22
Winter Session Begins   Monday, December 23 Tuesday, December 22
Winter Session Ends   Friday, January 17 Friday, January 15
Spring Semester Begins   Tuesday, January 21 Tuesday, January 19
Spring Recess Begins   Saturday, March 14 Saturday, March 13
Spring Recess Ends   Sunday, March 22 Sunday, March 21
Regular Classes End   Monday, May 4 Monday, May 3
Reading Days   Tuesday, May 5
Wednesday, May 6
Tuesday, May 4
Wednesday, May 5
Spring Exams Begin   Thursday, May 7 Thursday, May 6
Spring Exams End   Wednesday, May 13 Wednesday, May 12
University Commencement   Sunday, May 17 Sunday, May 16
Summer Session Begins   Tuesday, May 26 Tuesday, May 25
Summer Session Ends   Wednesday, August 12 Wednesday, August 11

For college/school commencements, please check with your dean's office.

For any questions regarding the academic calendar, please email