Course Scheduling

This page contains links and information for departmental scheduling staff. Please also join the "OASIS - Academic Scheduling and Instructional Space" Canvas course for information and announcements regarding course scheduling matters.

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes provides a listing of all university courses. We work with schools and departments on the New Brunswick campuses, as well as the Summer/Winter Session office, to process courses so that they appear on the SOC with all the correct course attributes, prerequisites, cross-listing information, budget codes, and more.

Course Scheduling System

The Course Scheduling System is a Web-based interface that departments and academic units use to communicate course scheduling requests to our office. For access to the system or training, please contact us. Our training covers the CSS interface, information on different types of course codes, the process for special permission numbers, and more. Look out for our group training sessions each semester, or call us at any time with questions or to set up an individual session.

Standard Class Periods

The New Brunswick campuses operate on a series of standard course periods. Most courses run for 80 or 55 minutes, although there are exceptions such as double periods and labs that last for more than 80 minutes.

Course Catalogues

Information on programs of study, courses, academic requirements, and more can be found in a school's course catalogue.

Course Cancellations

For weather-related and other course cancellations, please check the main university web page.