CourseAtlas launches at Rutgers–New Brunswick

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The CourseAtlas scheduling software platform has launched at Rutgers–New Brunswick to schedule Fall 2020 courses. This state-of-the-art software, along with improved scheduling processes, will enable course scheduling that is more responsive to student, instructor, and department needs. The benefits include making it easier for students to get the courses they need and want, reducing bus travel, and allowing academic departments to have their courses scheduled in more appropriate classrooms. The Office of Academic Scheduling and Instructional Space has been working since 2014 on this project and has collaborated extensively with units across the university to establish project goals, and to select a system and establish processes that have been tested over the course of four semesters before being rolled out this week. Additional information on CourseAtlas is available on a dedicated tab within our website. We are deploying this new software to aid the entire University community with course scheduling, and our dedicated staff remain ready to work with you in learning the system, listening to your feedback, and talking with you about your course scheduling needs.