CourseAtlas launches at Rutgers–New Brunswick

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The CourseAtlas scheduling software platform has launched at Rutgers–New Brunswick to schedule Fall 2020 courses. This state-of-the-art software, along with improved scheduling processes, will enable course scheduling that is more responsive to student, instructor, and department needs. The benefits include making it easier for students to get the courses they need and want, reducing bus travel, and…

Four New Active Learning Spaces

Richard Weeks Hall 102

As the way that students learn evolves, so must the modern classroom. This semester, Rutgers-New Brunswick has made giant strides toward this goal with the introduction of four brand-new, state-of-the-art Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs). The ALCs are designed to facilitate interaction, collaboration, and other approaches to learning through which students can work with ideas and one another. Among these new rooms are two Interactive Lecture Halls and two Active Learning Classrooms.

Introducing the DCL

Digital Classroom Lectern

The Digital Classroom Lectern, or DCL, is the newest addition to the family of Digital Classroom Services systems. Born out of the need to provide our standard classroom technology in smaller classroom environments, the DCL employs a reduced footprint so that it takes up less valuable teaching space. Despite its small size, the Lectern packs a big punch, with a built-in Mac computer, Blu-ray player, and VGA/HDMI connections for portable devices.

While You Were Away...


Over the summer, Digital Classroom Services installed new technology in 38 learning spaces. Among these upgrades were brand-new learning spaces in the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Building and Richard Weeks Hall on Busch, including four active learning spaces.  Twelve small classrooms were equipped with Digital Classroom Lecterns, our newest Rutgers system that was designed with small class meetings in mind.  Other spaces, from auditoriums to seminar rooms, received various versions of…

The Raritan River, A Swiftly Flowing Classroom and Lab

Byrne students with big fish

This Spotlight article is part of the An Ecosystem for Learning series, in which we discuss spaces, programs, and people who are helping to create a university in which classrooms and courses are linked with other spaces and contexts, and students are encouraged to actively engage in the learning process--to create, collaborate, and innovate during their time at Rutgers.