Space Management

The Office of Scheduling and Space Management gathers, maintains, and disseminates data for the more than nine million assignable square feet of Rutgers-New Brunswick space. Our Space Planning Analysts partner with many other offices in gathering and disseminating this information, including Public Safety, the Rutgers Police Department, and Emergency Services, the Office of Information Technology, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Facilities and Captial Planning, and almost all academic and administrative units on campus.

Class scheduling and space management: Mutually reinforcing

As recent assessments have shown, our database has posted a strong record of being accurate and up-to-date. This is in part a result of the space management operation being housed under the same roof as classroom scheduling. The knowledge that our office gains in the course of regularly interacting with over 100 programs and departments is invaluable in keeping up with space changes. By the same token, our Space Management Officers are a critical resource in managing our general purpose classroom inventory. Having these two functions together pays dividends every day for the schools and offices that we serve.

Contact us for custom reports and system access

Please contact our office if you are intereted in getting permission to utilize the database, if you are a user with suggestions or concerns, or if you would like us to run a custom space report for you.